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CONECA to examine error coins at upcoming shows

CONECA will be on hand at major coin shows to assist collectors with error and variety identification.

Image courtesy of Greg Bennick.

CONECA, the international error coin and variety club, will be offering free examination of error and variety coins to collectors at educational tables at coin shows across the United States throughout this year and into next.

The club, whose name stands for “Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America,”  has actively been educating collectors about Mint error and variety coins since 1983.

At their coin show tables, different members of the CONECA Board of Directors and other error and variety enthusiasts (each with different areas of specialty, as available) will offer free examination to collectors who bring along coins from their collection with questions.

CONECA is devoted to education about errors and varieties and will not be buying or selling coins at their tables.

CONECA requests that collectors have an idea of what they are asking about on the coins that they bring to the shows, to allow for as many collectors as possible to have a chance to have their coins examined.

The club always has a table at the summer FUN show, which in 2024 will be held Thursday to Saturday, July 11 through 13, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The club will also be at the Winter FUN show, with dates to be announced later.

Additionally, there will be a CONECA table at the ANA World’s Fair of Money, Aug. 6 though 10, in Rosemont, Illinois, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

A CONECA representative will be available on the West Coast at the Pacific Northwest Numismatists show in Tukwila, Washington, Oct. 4 through 6, with details to follow about whether this will be an actual table or a representative on site able to help.

A CONECA table will be at the fall Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists show Oct. 17 through 19.

In addition, CONECA board members are occasionally available to speak to local coin clubs about error coins. Please inquire if interested at CONECA online,

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