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On average, the Coin World website alone reaches 200,000 collectors. Every month.

That's just one example of our reach, which we attribute to our editorial leadership, talented staff and years of expertise.  Including some of our staff, who can boast decades of service themselves (something truly unfathomable now-a-days)!

We're fortunate enough to serve an audience of collectors who are just that: collectors. Coin World subscribers are always hungry for the next great find. When we can connect an advertiser with a collector, everyone wins.

That's why we've developed a robust suite of advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes.

On this page, you can learn more about them, or just cut to the chase and contact one of our friendly sales reps about a custom solution that is the right size for YOUR needs.


Meet Your Advertising Team

Our team of expert sales representatives are here to assist you. When it comes to reaching coin collectors, know one knows how to do it better than them.

Get in touch today and be sure to ask about how we can tailor a program that will deliver to you what you need the most -- the leads!

Sales Directors

David Pistello
o: 312-754–9972 | c: 773-480-5401

Eric Roth
o: 937-498-0803 | c: 949-683-8871

Brenda Wyen

Sales Representative

Julie Dahlstrom
o: 312-754-9976


See Our Latest Marketing Opportunities

In 2023, we've overhauled our entire offering of marketing solutions for advertisers, including the rollout of brand-new ad products we haven't introduced before.

Check out our 2023 media kit and see for yourself: Coin World 2023 Media Kit

We also publish our Advertising Specifications for your convenience, below: 

Magazine Ad Specifications - Contains specs for all of our publications (print or digital).

Social Media Sponsored Ad Specifications - Contains specs for advertising in our social media news feeds.

Coin World Podcast Audio Ad Read Guidelines - Guidelines for writing a successful script for your podcast ad read.