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CONECA reports a rise in membership ranks

CONECA has released the latest issue of its journal, “ErrorScope.”

Image courtesy of CONECA.

CONECA, a national organization for collectors of error and variety coins, reports that during May, it has been setting new records for memberships in the club.

John H. Miller Jr., public relations director for the club, states, “We believe that by the end of July we will be over 900 Members for the first time ever.”

Miller reports that the latest issue of the club magazine, ErrorScope, has articles on world mint errors, a struck-through 1994 American Eagle silver bullion coin, Washington quarter dollar varieties, and a possible new repunched Mint mark variety for the 1922-D Lincoln cent.

The journal also offers a young numismatists crossword puzzle. CONECA will recognize those who correctly complete the puzzle with an award. There is also a first-place prize of a 1941-D/D Walking Liberty half dollar RPM variety, a second-place prize of a 1951-S/S Washington quarter dollar RPM; and a third-place prize of a 1940-S/S/S Winged Liberty Head dime RPM variety.

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