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  • 1851-C half eagle
    US Coins Jul 24, 2021, 11 AM

    Market Analysis: Charlotte Mint gold coins

    The Premier Session of the the Heritage FUN auction included the Utah Collection of gold coins created at the Charlotte Mint. An 1851-C Coronet gold $5 half eagle brought a final price of $44,400.
  • Bank of England low number note
    Paper Money Jul 24, 2021, 8 AM

    Spink auctions offer wide array of notes

    A charity auction for the Bank of England and a sale in Hong Kong made up a busy week for Spink as beneficiaries realized big gains and collectors snagged quality notes.
  • 2021 American Eagle Reverse of 2021 production
    Precious Metals Jul 23, 2021, 9 AM

    Just one facility striking new American Eagle silver bullion coins

    It appears the 2021 American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver bullion coins are only being struck at the West Point Mint, a contrast to the three facilities that produced the Reverse of 1986 coins.
  • Proof 2021-W Reverse of 2021 silver Eagle
    US Coins Jul 23, 2021, 9 AM

    American Eagles gone in 20 minutes on first day

    It took just 20 minutes for the supply of the Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver dollar to be exhausted when offered by the U.S. Mint as the 300,000 coins drew immediate attention.
  • Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
    US Coins Jul 23, 2021, 9 AM

    Proposal for 2026 commemoratives calls for unusual coins

    Legislation has been introduced in both houses of Congress that calls for a commemorative coin program for the nation's 250th birthday and the proposals call for unusual combinations.
  • 2021-CC Morgan dollar
    US Coins Jul 23, 2021, 9 AM

    U.S. Mint officials put restrictions on bulk buyers

    In an effort to crackdown on parties attempting to circumvent Mint policies, new guidelines have been issued for members of the Authorized Bulk Purchase Program with sanctions imposed on violators.
  • 2021-P Kennedy half dollar
    US Coins Jul 23, 2021, 9 AM

    Week's Most Read: 2021-P Kennedy halves arrive

    The hunt is on for the 2021 Kennedy half dollars now that Philadelphia Mint coins have been found as newly discovered silver dollars also have turned up, indicating pleasant findings can await diligent collectors.
  • 2021 Tuvalu silver ancient mythical Chinese coin
    World Coins Jul 22, 2021, 10 AM

    Ancient Chinese mythical creatures on five-ounce silver $5 coin from Tuvalu

    Four ancient mythical Chinese creatures representing the seasons are showcased on a new Antique Finish Ultra-High Relief 5-ounce .9999 fine $5 silver piedfort coin from Tuvalu issued by the Perth Mint.
  • 1649 Charles I medal
    World Coins Jul 21, 2021, 11 AM

    Charles II medal issued in honor of his father

    A silver medal of Charles II for his father, 46 years after his father's execution, is in Heritage's ANA auction in Dallas in August. Its legend translates, “Learn virtue from me, good fortune from others."
  • podcast_slider_lead_ep121
    US Coins Jul 20, 2021, 11 AM

    Space: The Numismatic Frontier

    The Coin World Podcast goes out of this world with our interview subject, Richard Jurek. On the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, Richard discusses space-flown currency and numismatic items, as well as the effects of modern space exploration by Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic, and Jeff Bezos with Blue Origin. Larry and Jeff also answer reader emails and dive into numismatic history.
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