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Ordering 2024 Morgan and Peace dollars

While the U.S. Mint has not yet announced sales opening dates for the individual Proof 2024-S Morgan and Peace dollars or the two-coin Reverse Proof silver dollar set, or for individual Uncirculated 2004 Morgan and Peace dollars, the bureau is accepting subscription orders for each of the individual numismatic product options.

More than 60% of the maximum mintages for each of the five numismatic product options containing the 2024 Morgan and Peace dollars are already ordered in advance of public sales.

All of the Uncirculated finish options, to be struck at the Philadelphia Mint without the P Mint mark, will be released for sale sometime this summer. All of the Proof coin options will be struck with the S Mint mark at the San Francisco Mint for release on an as-yet-unannounced fall date.

Each of the product options has established maximum mintages and maximum ordering limits. The Mint’s website lists two different ordering limits for how many of each product may be ordered, listing either three or 25.

These limits are normally in effect through the first 24 hours release for sale, and then restrictions are lifted.

The U.S. Mint’s product options with prices, subscription order totals as of March 25, and mintage limitations are:

• Single Proof 2024-S Morgan dollar, $80; 205,787 coins ordered of a maximum mintage of 300,000 coins.

• Single Proof 2024-S Peace dollar, $80; 191,341 ordered, 300,000 coins offered.

• Two-coin 2024-S Reverse Proof Morgan and Peace dollar set, $185; 166,993 sets ordered of 262,500 sets offered.

• Uncirculated 2024(P) Morgan dollar, $76; 179,917 coins ordered of 275,000 offered.

• Uncirculated 2024(P) Peace dollar, $76; 174,300 coins ordered of 275,000 offered.

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