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Some options close for 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars

United States Mint subscriptions for two of the five numismatic products offering 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollar were closed as allocated inventory levels were reached.

The closed subscriptions are for the Uncirculated 2023 Morgan dollar and Uncirculated 2023 Peace dollar, both of which have maximum production and release of 275,000 coins. The Uncirculated dollars are scheduled for a sales launch on July 13, at which time subscribers’ credit cards will be charged and deliveries begin.

As of May 16, the U.S. Mint had accepted orders totaling 201,161 of the Uncirculated Morgan dollar and 195,976 of the Uncirculated Peace dollar. Each of the two options was offered at $76 per coin.

U.S. Mint officials have not disclosed how many coins for each product will be available when sales begin.

Also not disclosed is how many of each product are reserved for the 18 dealers who comprise the Authorized Bulk Purchase Program.

The U.S. Mint is still accepting subscriptions for the Proof 2023-S Morgan dollar and Proof 2023-S Peace dollar, each of which is limited to a mintage of 400,000 coins.

The coins are offered at $80 each, with sales starting Aug. 9.

As of May 16, the U.S. Mint recorded subscription orders for 235,517 of the Proof 2023-S Morgan dollar and 221,791 of the Proof 2023-S Peace dollar.

Subscriptions are also still being accepted for the Morgan & Peace Dollar 2023 Two-Coin Reverse Proof set, limited to 250,000 sets at $185 per set.

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