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American Eagle four-coin set leads Proof orders

The four-piece Proof set of 2022-W American Eagle gold coins recorded the highest U.S. Mint customer demand during the opening day of gold Proof Eagle sales March 17.

The set, offered beginning at $5,332.50, recorded sales of 8,745 sets of the maximum 10,000 sets authorized.

Orders were limited to one per household for each of the five numismatic product options in the series.

The U.S. Mint also offers the Proof 2022-W American Eagle gold coins in four separate individual options — a 1-ounce $50 coin; a half-ounce $25 face value coin; a quarter-ounce $10 face value coin; and a tenth-ounce $5 face value coin.

Individual coin options with opening pricing, product limits and first day sales follow:
➤ 1-ounce coin, $2,850; limit 6,000 coins; 4,885 coins sold.
➤ Half-ounce coin, $1,450; limit 2,000 coins; 1,920 coins sold.
➤ Quarter-ounce, $752.50; limit 4,500 coins; 4,348 coins sold.
➤ Tenth-ounce, $330; limit 14,000 coins; 7,576 coins sold.

Each coin is struck on a planchet composed of 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper and 3% silver.

Pricing is subject to change based on changes in the spot price of gold and according to the U.S. Mint’s pricing grid.

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