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2022 American Eagle silver $1 enrollments filled for two offers

The 2022 American Eagle silver dollars, as shown, will bear the same designs as introduced in June 2021.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

U.S. Mint customers who previously secured enrollments to purchase Proof and Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollars were notified by the Mint via email Jan. 13 that enrollment limits for the Proof 2022-S American Eagle silver dollars and Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle silver dollars have been reached.

The notification also explained that, for the Proof 2022-W American Eagle silver dollar, limited enrollment opportunities remained. As of Jan. 27, enrollment was still available.

Specific release dates for the Proof 2022-S and Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle silver coins, in each of various numismatic products options, are not yet announced by U.S. Mint officials.

The 2022 Congratulations set, which includes a Proof 2022-W American Eagle silver dollar, has a product limit of 30,000 sets.

The Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle silver dollar has an enrollment limit totaling 160,000 coins, with an additional 121,840 coins from 3,046 40-coin trays available to bulk buyers.

The production limit under enrollment for the Proof 2022-S coin is 200,000 coins, with an additional 59,640 coins allotted for 40-coin bulk purchase trays.

The production limit for the Proof 2022-W coin is 500,000 coins, with an additional 162,760 coins in 40-coin trays reserved for bulk buyers.

Coins in the 40-coin trays are housed in plastic capsules without additional packaging.

The order limit for the enrollment options was 99 coins, but U.S. Mint officials indicate the number per enrollment is likely to be reduced, to make more coins available to the public when the coins are officially offered for individual sale.

U.S. Mint officials indicate the 500,000 Proof 2022-W silver American Eagles are targeted to be shipped in two different waves.

All of the 2022 American Eagle silver dollars bear the designs introduced in mid-2021: A modified obverse that is closer to the original image used on the Walking Liberty half dollar introduced in 1916 and last used in 1947, and a new reverse.

The Mint website states: “The obverse (heads) design is Adolph A. Weinman’s (1870-1952) full-length figure of Liberty in full stride, enveloped in folds of the flag, with her right hand extended and branches of laurel and oak in her left. This latest rendition with its original curve structure and text was completely re-sculpted in 2021 in an effort to capture the artist’s original intent and includes the addition of Weinman’s traditional artist mark.”

The all new reverse in mid-2021, of an eagle in flight, replaced the Heraldic Eagle design used since 1986.


Enrollments for the coins are essentially subscriptions. They are intended to ensure that enrollees receive the coins automatically when they become available.

The Mint enrollment page for Proof 2022-W American Eagle silver dollar states: “Every year, receive a beautiful collector’s version of the American Eagle Silver Proof Coin with Walking Liberty accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Starts with the recently redesigned 2022 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin. Current enrollment price is $73.00 per unit.”

The Mint adds:

“When you subscribe to enrollments, it is easy to stay current on your favorite products.

“We will send email notifications to subscribers 30 days before the scheduled release of the next product. Cancel at any time.

“All enrollments receive free budget shipping. All you have to do is wait worry-free for the newest coin released to arrive on your doorstep.”

The Mint advises: “To ensure uninterrupted delivery of the products in your enrollment, a valid credit card is required.”

In addition, the Mint website warns: “Prices listed on the enrollment page are current prices for the products included in your enrollment. These prices may change during the course of your enrollment. Should a change occur, the new price will be provided on your 30-day pre-fulfillment email notification. Please review your notification carefully. No previous releases will be included as part of any enrollment. The United States Mint reserves the right to discontinue any enrollment program at any time at its discretion. To ensure uninterrupted delivery of the products in your enrollment, please keep your credit card information current. You may cancel at any time.”

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