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Canada releases three more bullion coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched three new 2019 bullion coins, including double-incuse gold and silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.

Images courtesy of Royal Canadian Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched three new 2019 bullion coins, including double-incuse gold and silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.

In addition, the RCM has released its newest “five nines” gold coin from the “Call of the Wild” series. These coins are struck in .99999 fine gold (which the RCM says is the greatest purity available in the world), and for 2019 they showcase the moose. 

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The Maple Leaf .9999 fine silver coin is denominated $5 and the Maple Leaf .9999 fine gold coin is denominated $100. The Moose gold coin has a denomination of $200.

All three of the 2019 coins were shipped to the RCM’s network of official bullion distributors beginning April 2. 

To mark the 40th anniversary of one of the most popular gold bullion coins, the RCM issued its first ever double-incuse version of its iconic gold Maple Leaf. 

This means that the signature sugar Maple Leaf reverse design and the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appearing on the obverse are both struck in a concave relief. The design elements are sunken below the flat coin surface. 

This perspective is also found on a 2019 Maple Leaf silver bullion coin.

Both the gold and silver Maple Leaf coins have a field surface finish consisting of an array of precisely machined radial lines and their reverses feature a micro-engraved security mark in the shape of a maple leaf containing the number “19,” to denote their year of issue. 

They also feature the RCM’s unique bullion DNA anti-counterfeit technology, while the Maple Leaf silver coin benefits from Mintshield surface protection, specifically created for silver coins. The trademarked Mintshield technology is unique to the RCM, and is intended to inhibit the spotting that can be a problem on silver coins. 

Heed the call of the wild

The Moose is the newest coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s .99999 pure gold bullion “Call of the Wild” series. 

Its $200 denomination is the highest value among the world’s 1-ounce gold bullion legal tender coins. 

The coin’s reverse is designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc, who illustrates an imposing bull moose, behind which curved lines symbolize the sound of his unmistakable call. 

The coin also features the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

This gold bullion coin is presented in designed credit-card-style packaging, which includes a certificate of purity signed by the Mint’s chief assayer.

In keeping with a distribution model common to the world’s major issuers of bullion coins, the Mint does not sell bullion directly to the public. Interested buyers must contact a bullion dealer to order the new bullion coins. 

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