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Mythical Creatures coin depicts legend of the siren

The siren, famed for luring sailors to their death, is the subject of the second Mythical Creatures silver $5 coin from Niue.

Images courtesy of Talisman Coins.

The siren, one part alluring mermaid, one part lethal temptress, lures sailors to their death with her otherworldly song, according to myth.

The siren is the subject of the second release in the Mythical Creatures series of Proof 2023 High Relief 2-ounce .999 fine silver $5 coins from Niue.

The legend of the Sirens, as creatures who lure sailors to their deaths with the irresistible sweetness of their song, was first described in Homer’s Odyssey, when the hero Odysseus (Ulysses) passes their island on his long journey back home to Ithaca.

Warned by the goddess Circe about the dangers of the Sirens, Odysseus has his crew stuff their ears with beeswax, rendering them immune to the Sirens’ song. Odysseus, however, didn’t stop his ears with wax — he wanted to hear the Sirens’ song for himself, so he had his men lash him to the mast.

Design details

The obverse design is specific to the Mythical Creatures series.

Surrounding the public seal of Niue is the round helm (wheel for steering) of a sailing ship. Fantastical sea creatures (giant squid, sirens, flying lionfish, and giant crab) inhabit the spaces between the spokes.

The nautical theme is completed by the cresting wave motif encircling near the rim. In the Niuean coat of arms, the slogan ATUA NIUE TUKULAGI translates as “God, Niue Forever.” The date of issue and denomination also appear, while the legend 2 OZ 999 SILVER guarantees the weight and purity.

The reverse, in color, carries a powerful portrayal of a siren.

The billowing blues and purples of the siren’s face, hair and body blend with the shimmering silver, creating a sense of movement, as the siren is captured in rippling undersea currents, according to distributor Talisman Coins.

Using her mesmerizing powers, she levitates the skull of one of her victims as she gazes eerily into its now-vacant eye sockets.

The 2023 coin weighs 62.27 grams and measures 55 millimeters in diameter.

The coin’s mintage limit is 750 pieces, each retailing for $199.95, with quantity discounts available.

To order, visit the seller’s website,

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