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Silver James Monroe Presidential medal on US Mint production schedule

James Monroe served as president of the United States from March 4, 1817, to March 4, 1825.

Portrait courtesy of; background painting by Tom Freeman, courtesy of White House History Association.

A silver James Monroe Presidential medal will be offered by the U..S. Mint at noon Eastern Time Aug. 8 for $39.95.

The Matte Finish 1-ounce .999 fine silver medal is set to replicate designs created by engraver  Moritz Furst for a Monroe Presidential medal issued in 1823.

The medal bears an obverse portrait, clothed and fur-draped, facing right.

The reverse exhibits Justice (or Columbia) seated, facing left clutching a sword in her left arm and the scales of justice in her extended right hand. To the viewer’s left is the figure of an American eagle ready to take flight from atop a tree stump. On the viewer’s right is the national shield along with a plow and agricultural products.

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