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US Mint launches silver Presidential medal sales

Sales for the first two Presidential medals issued Aug. 16 in silver are progressing, but not in significantly large numbers.

The first two silver versions in an ongoing series of Presidential medals from the U.S. Mint’s medals catalog feature George Washington and John Adams.

The 1-ounce .999 fine silver medals are being struck on the same 40.6-millimeter planchets as are used to strike American Eagle silver dollar coins. The silver medals bear a Matte Finish.

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First day sales for the two medals totaled 5,466 pieces for the Washington medal and 4,506 pieces for the Adams medal. As of Aug. 23, the Mint reports total sales of 7,386 for the Washington medal and 6,253 for the Adams medal.

Each medal is being offered by the Mint at $39.95. Bronze versions of the medals, at $6.95 each, measure 1.3125 inches in diameter.

The obverse of the Washington medal is based on an original portrait by French engraver Pierre Simon Duvivier.

The obverse of the Adams medal is the work of engraver Moritz Fürst, a member of the U.S. Mint’s engraving staff in the early 1800s. 

The PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP reverse design common to both the Washington and Adams medals was the work of Assistant U.S. Mint Engraver John Reich.

Mint officials said earlier that after release of the Washington and Adams medals, it will add four silver medals a year until all presidents are represented with silver medals. The new silver medals will become part of the United States Mint’s ongoing medal program.

The Washington and Adams medals are not the first silver medals in the Presidential series to be offered by the U.S. Mint. In 2015, the U.S. Mint produced silver versions of the Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential medals and included them with Presidential dollars in limited-edition Coin and Chronicles sets. Those four silver medals were struck with a non-Proof finish. 

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