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New Orleans Mint Morgan dollar error in Dallas sale


Major errors on Morgan dollars — or any large-sized coin of the era — are rarely seen and Heritage will offer an 1884-O Morgan dollar graded Mint State 64 by Professional Coin Grading Service that was struck 15 percent off center.

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Most off-center Morgan dollars are relatively minor, so one that is struck significantly off center and has both the obverse date and reverse Mint mark present is desirable to both error and Morgan dollar collectors. Heritage writes, “A triad of condition, percentage struck off-center, and direction of the off-center strike make this 1884-O Morgan dollar uniquely indelible.” On its physical appearance Heritage adds, “Satiny cartwheel luster illuminates the struck portion of the planchet, while lavender-gold toning warms the entire piece. A few faint grazes on Liberty’s cheek are all that limit the grade.”

Souvenir of zinc cent conversion found at antique store”Mysterious zinc cent discovered in antique store. A 1982 Lincoln cent and cent blanks encased in acrylic are possibly employees’ souvenirs from when the Ball Corp. began supplying the Mint with cent planchets.

Almost 10 million 1884-O Morgan dollars were struck at the New Orleans Mint and representatives in nearly all grades are plentiful with a typical MS-64 example selling for around $80. Few comparable off-center Morgan dollars exist to provide pricing guidance. Heritage sold a 1921-S dollar struck 20 percent off center and graded MS-63 by PCGS for $16,450 earlier this year and sold an 1882-O dollar graded PCGS MS-64 struck 20 percent off center for $41,125 at a 2012 auction; these results provide at least some framework for potential bidders.

*Check here later to see the other desirable Morgan dollar we feature from  Heritage’s December auction.


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