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Market Analysis: Nearly perfect 1893 Barber quarter one of two in Proof 69

An 1893 Barber quarter dollar graded Proof 69 by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. comes close to perfection.

The Barber design was introduced on dimes, quarter dollars and half dollars in 1892, and Proof mintages were unusually high that year. In 1893, though, 792 Proof quarter dollars were struck, and of these, NGC has graded just two in Proof 69, with one receiving its Star designation.

Heritage writes of the coin in its Florida United Numismatists auction (the coin lacking the Star designation), “This is a truly breathtaking coin,” praising the bold strike, deeply reflective fields, and observing, “Deep sea-green toning is seen over most of each side with a slight but visually interesting accent of rose coloration scattered around the margins.”

It adds, “The devices on each side appear to have a significant amount of mint frost, perhaps enough to warrant a Cameo designation, but in fairness to the grading services this is not immediately apparent; in fact, it is not even the second or third item of visual interest when one views this magnificent coin.” It sold for $19,213.20 in the FUN Platinum Night sale.

NGC describes a Proof or Mint State 69 coin as being a “fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections,” and indeed, none is visible on either side of this well-preserved quarter. Perhaps it will be included in a fantastic Barber quarter dollar registry set or a high-grade type set?

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