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CFA seeks tweaks for 2024 tribute coin and medal

For the proposed 2024 gold dollar and silver medal, the above modified designs are under consideration.

All images courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

Modified versions of proposed designs for a 2024 gold dollar and silver medal on the 230th anniversary of the 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar were recommended Nov. 16 by the Commission of Fine Arts.

The U.S. Mint initially contemplated using the original 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar designs for a .9999 fine gold dollar and .999 fine silver medal in 2024–2025 as part of the bureau’s ongoing American Liberty series.

The Mint scrapped its plans to include the gold dollar and silver medal as part of the American Liberty series after objections from the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee during its Oct. 24 and 25 meeting that the 1794 designs were not appropriate for the series. The panel advised that the designs could be used in a different capacity other than the American Liberty series.

During its two-day meeting Oct. 24 and 25, the CCAC declined to consider the original designs for a 2024 silver medal and 2025 gold dollar because its members felt the American Liberty program is intended to celebrate new interpretations of Liberty, not resurrections of already used Liberty portraits.

The CFA recommended the original 1794 Flowing Hair dollar designs Oct. 19, but with suggested revisions.

Chief Engraver Robert Scot’s Flowing Hair dollar designs were used by the Mint to execute the nation’s first silver dollar in 1794.

The CFA recommended to the Mint during the panel’s Oct. 19 meeting that for the obverse, the Mint should kern between design elements. (In typography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters proportionally.)

Also for the obverse, the CFA recommended further review of the stars devices.

The edge device for the gold coin will be executed incuse using a three-piece segmented collar employing the inscriptions from the 1794 edge ornamentations. The incuse lettering will appear on the gold dollar, but not on the silver medal, which will exhibit a plain edge.

The edge lettering will appear right side up relative to the obverse. The edge segment will appear as HUNDRED ëë CENTS / ëë ONE ëë DOLLAR ë and ë OR ëë UNIT ëëë.

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