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What our followers think about American Liberty coin

Collectors got their first look at an actual 2017 American Liberty gold $100 coin on Jan. 12. For the first time, Liberty is portrayed as a young African-American woman.

Coin images courtesy of United States Mint.

There is no shortage of opinions on the United States Mint’s 2017 American Liberty gold coin designs, which were officially released on Jan. 12 and feature the first-ever portrayal of an African-American Liberty. 

Naturally a lot of them were shared in the comment sections of our Facebook page posts, and in the tweets we’ve received. 

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Below is a small sampling of what's being said, both positively and negatively, about the newly revealed coin. 

Positive Reactions:

Charlie Kapur: “It’s a great coin. The old coin was great. It may have been so ambiguous that most assumed she was white. Kinda cool to mix it up a little.”

Daniel Pon: “Looks much better than the drawings did. I’ll probably get one.”

Charlie Miller: “Absolutely beautiful coin, the nicest Mint product in years.”

Jessie Renteria: “Beautiful coin. Beautiful depiction.”

Kyle Davis: “There’s a stupidly impressive amount of detail in that coin. Whoever designed it ought to be very proud!”

Richard Banks: “It’s about time.”

Joseph Kacoyannakis: “Lady Liberty is a Goddess. Goddesses can appear in whatever form they wish. What better way to go than with a black person who has freed themselves from slavery and as a woman who has freed themselves from the restrictions of male domination?”

Melissa Dawn Rowell: “Wow is that a $100 gold coin?! How unusual. I didn’t know there was such a thing. Well, I think it is beautiful. Lady Liberty has many faces, all of them beautiful, all representing the diversity that is the United States. Our diversity is our best asset. The sooner we embrace that the better off we’ll be.”

?@PRarities: “The portrait of #liberty has been many faces. The new Liberty gold coin is spectacular.”

Negative Reactions: 

Der Oberst: “Both the obverse and reverse of this coin are pretty poor. The woman looks angry and the eagle looks ready to swoop in on a meal. Not majestic at all. Just another P.C. job by the Mint.”

Patrick Rueb: “The stars are ridiculously oversized.”

Tony Albers: “Liberty is a Classical Greek/Roman concept and her features are generic for a reason. The Classical concept should be celebrated as part of our national identity — intentionally ambiguous — and our shared culture, and not subject to racial politics and pandering. The idea of Liberty is a source of unity, and the ideal is not served placating every hyphonized group in the country.”

Robert Ingram: “That is the most horrible looking lady liberty in the history of the U.S. Mint. The stars on her headband are way too big for the head. A totally disappointing P.C. coin.”

Michael Patrick Gray: “It will go out like the Susan B. Anthony.”

Don McTaggart: “Drawn with a computer, my kids can do the same damn thing. Go back to old school design, and draw it by hand. And put some thought into it, my god man!!!”

Taneli Perätalo: “While I do like the idea of depicting a non-white lady Liberty on the coin, this one isn’t very good. Looks quite cheap for a gold coin.”

Alexander Bareiss: “Not a very good looking coin. Even the reverse is nothing special.”

?@planned_havoc: “@CoinWorld No thanks. I stick to the older gold coins, which are more aesthetically pleasing.”

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