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Cuba to issue new security devices on high denomination notes

Cuba is expected to issue 20-, 50- and 100-peso bank notes with new security devices “in the near future,” according to an Aug. 19 article on Radio Mayabeque

A portrait of Camilo Cienfuegos will be used on the 20-peso note, Calixto Garci’s portrait will be on the 50-peso note, and a portrait of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes will appear on the 100-peso bank note. Each patriot’s portrait will also be used as the watermark.

The rest of the notes will continue to have a watermark with the image of Celia Sánchez.

According to the article, the remaining security elements will remain unchanged. The new notes will be dated 2014 and the currency in circulation will remain valid as legal tender throughout the country.

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