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Royal Canadian Mint, Lear Capital celebrate orcas on new bullion coins

An Orca 2-ounce fine silver $10 coin is among a trio of 2019 bullion coins available from Lear Capital, at premiums well above their precious metal content.

Coin World photographs by Ray Wilder.

Orca whales, also known as “killer whales,” are some of the most popular marine animals, having been featured at numerous tourist destinations, like Sea World, for decades. 

The Royal Canadian Mint has struck three special 2019 coins showcasing the orca for exclusive distribution through Lear Capital. 

Two coins are composed of .9999 fine silver and another is composed of .9999 fine gold. 
The coins show an orca in the water on the reverse. The Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse. 

Offered are a 2-ounce silver $10 coin, a 10-ounce silver $50 coin and a quarter-ounce gold coin (Lear Capital had not disclosed a face value for the gold coin).

Though touted as bullion pieces, the coins have premiums far above those typical for bullion-related coins. The 2-ounce silver coin as of June 25 was offered for $56.69, about $25 above the precious metal value. The 10-ounce silver coin was trading for $275.96, or about $125 above the precious metal value. The quarter-ounce gold was selling for $593, about $235 above the metal value. 

None of the coins has a limited mintage, but the RCM will strike the coins for only one year, meaning they are available for a limited time.

The Lear firm has a minimum order of $5,000 for these coins, a telephone representative told Coin World

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