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Silver Uncirculated 2017-W American Eagle June 29

June 29 is the official sales launch by the United States Mint for the Uncirculated 2017-W American Eagle silver dollar. The coin goes on sale at noon Eastern Time.

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The issue’s release price is $44.95 per coin. The issue has no product limit or household ordering limit. The price charged is the same that is being assessed for the 2016-W issue currently available.

The Uncirculated American Eagle 1-ounce .999 fine silver coin is one of the annual products that can be pre-ordered under the Mint’s Enrollment Program in advance of the launch date. Credit cards, for customers exercising this option, are not charged before the order ships after the product’s release.

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On its May 14 sales report, the U.S. Mint indicates it has sold a total of 196,106 single Uncirculated 2016-W American Eagle silver dollars.

The Uncirculated 2016-W American Eagle silver dollar is also included in the five-coin 2016 Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. Currently offered at $49.95, that set contains the Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar from the West Point Mint; an Uncirculated Mint set quality 2016-D Native American dollar from the Denver Mint, and three Uncirculated Mint set finish 2016-P Presidential dollars featuring the final three coins in the Presidential $1 Coin Program, commemorating Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, and Ronald Reagan. The May 14 report indicates sales of 16,784 of the 2016 sets.

The Mint has not announced a release date for a 2017 dollar coin set, or whether such a set will be offered. 

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