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2024 coins beginning to reach consumer outlets

The Philadelphia and Denver Mints have struck a combined 5.7 million 2024 Kennedy half dollars with a circulation quality finish.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

During the first quarter of calendar year 2024, the Denver and Philadelphia Mints combined have produced more than 1.4 billion circulation quality coins for numismatic products and circulation orders from the Federal Reserve.

The 1,400,840,000-coin combined output includes 404.8 million Lincoln cents from the Denver Mint and 416.4 million cents at from the Philadelphia Mint.

Jefferson 5-cent coin production totals 29.76 million 2024-D coins and 31.44 million 2024-P coins. Roosevelt dime production comprises 123 million 2024-D coins and 75.5 million 2024-P examples.

The 150 million 2024-D quarter dollars struck and released and 162 million 2024-P quarter dollars include production of the first two 2024 American Women */8quarter dollars, and includes coins distributed for circulation and coins sold above face value in bags and rolls as collector products.

Kennedy half dollar production totals 2.9 million 2024-D coins and 2.8 million 2024-P coins. The totals include coins sold as numismatic products in 40-coin rolls and 200-coin mixed bags. For bag and roll sales, 1.6 million half dollars are reserved from each facility, leaving the remainder available for circulation distribution to meet Federal Reserve orders.

The two production facilities each have struck 1.12 million Native American dollars solely for numismatic sales in bags and rolls. None of the dollar coins are released into general circulation.

Production and distribution costs for Lincoln cents and Jefferson 5-cent coins for circulation still cost the bureau more than the coins’ face value.

The cost for each copper-plated zinc cent is 3.07 cents and for each 75% copper, 25% nickel 5-cent coin is 11.54 cents, according to the Annual Mint Director’s Report for 2023.

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