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New organization founded for stock, bond collectors

This stock certificate was issued by the Cunard Steamship Company Ltd. Among the line's most famous vessels is the Lusitania, sunk by a German U-boat in 1915 to great condemnation.

Image courtesy of American Stock & Bond Collectors Association.

A branch of paper collecting often overlooked given the emphasis on paper currency is the related field of stocks and bonds, or scripophily. Hoping to change that, a new nonprofit organization, the American Stock and Bond Collectors Association, devoted to the interests of collecting old stock certificates and bonds, has been founded, according to a March 15 press release.

Its founding directors are Bob Kerstein and Scott Winslow. 

“We have developed what we hope to be the destination site for people seeking out information on scripophily,” Winslow says. “We intend to foster an environment of confidence and excitement in the future growth of this wonderful and important part of the history of entrepreneurship,” Kerstein adds. 

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Scripophily is concerned with historical certificates that have no value as financial items but are bought by collectors for their artistic and historical value, which can range from a few dollars to more than $100,000. Tens of thousands of buyers collect such items worldwide — some casual, some serious and, the ASBCA says, some who are even home decorators (many of the items can be displayed for their artistic beauty).

The ASBCA website contains information on the history and collecting of stocks and bonds, and on the pricing, grading and rarity, and for prospective buyers and sellers, where to get in touch with industry-leading professionals. 

Bob Kerstein is the founder of and Old Company Research Service. After a 39-year career in financial management he is now the president of the Professional Scripophily Traders Association and spends all of his time in the field of scripophily. 

Scott Winslow is president of Scott J. Winslow Associates Inc. and a member of all the major trade organizations. He has been involved in the paper collectibles business for more than 30 years, has given numerous talks on paper collectibles, and has been consulted in the identification of forged securities and historical materials.

For more information visit, or call Bob Kerstein at 1-703-787-3552 or Scott Winslow at 603-641-8292. 

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