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Matthew McConaughey strikes gold in new film

Gold, not surprisingly, is the focus of "Gold," the new film starring Matthew McConaughey.

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Not everyone can just wake up one morning and decide to mine gold, that is unless you’re Matthew McConaughey’s character in the new film, Gold.

In the film that’s “based on true events” — this Hollywood Reporter review states the movie is inspired by “a 1997 mining scandal involving Canadian outfit Bre-X” — McConaughey plays businessman Kenny Wells, the offbeat head of a failing Nevada mining company who finds himself pawning his girlfirend’s gold watch in order to get to the Indonesian rainforest, where he enlists a legendary geologist (played by Edgar Ramirez) to help him strike gold. Literally.

“Kenny Wells, the indefatigable wildcat prospector at the center of Gold, is a classic American striver — but without the classic American sheen,” the Hollywood Reporter review reads. “Potbellied, balding, snaggletoothed, hard-drinking and chain-smoking, he’s played by Matthew McConaughey with a marrow-deep understanding of what makes this desperate dreamer tick. Beyond the actor’s striking physical transformation, his aptly showy turn is the stuff of muck, sweat and dreams, and every instant of it burns true.”

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What happens next, as they say, is better left to the movie to explain.

Have a look at the full trailer below. Gold is scheduled to hit U.S. theaters Jan. 27, according to IMDb

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