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Latvia plans black stork circulating commemorative €2 coin

A black stork appears to be building a nest on a 2015 circulating commemorative €2 coin from Latvia.

Coin image courtesy of the European Commission.

Latvia has announced plans to release a circulating commemorative €2 coin depicting the black stork.

The black stork (Ciconia nigra) is a flagship conservation species in Europe, according to the European Commission’s announcement about the coin. In 2005 the Black Stork Protection Plan was adopted in Latvia. 

The black stork appears to be building a nest in the design on the obverse of the coin.

The country of issue name and the year date appear on the obverse, along with the image of the stork in the wild. 

The ringed-bimetallic coin has a copper-nickel core and copper-aluminum-nickel ring.

In total, a million coins are due for release into circulation, with an additional 10,000 set aside for collector sales. The coin is legal tender throughout the eurozone. 

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