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Two upcoming 2016 Mint releases top week's headlines

Pricing of the Proof 2016-W American Eagle silver dollar, which pays tribute to the coin's 30th anniversary with a special edge device, was the focus of the week's top post on

Original images by Coin World Senior Editor Paul Gilkes.

It’s time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news.

Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week.

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5. What happened to all those spilled Lincoln cent planchets?: A tractor-trailer hauling millions of copper-plated zinc planchets bound for the Philadelphia Mint struck a concrete median barrier on I-95 near New Castle, Del., Sept. 8.

4. Who gets to keep the SS Central America treasure recovered in 2014?: The full fair market value of the treasure recovered in 2014 from the 1857 wreckage of the SS Central America has been awarded by a federal judge in Virginia.

3. With so many grades and so much inconsistency in grading, what is a collector to do?: "For my money, I would rather have a beautiful MS-63 coin than an ugly MS-65 one," writes Q. David Bowers.

2. The 2016-W Walking Liberty gold half dollars are in production: Only Coin World has exclusive images of one of the coins from early production.

1. What will the Proof 2016 American Eagle silver dollar cost collectors?: The U.S. Mint issued initial prices, subject to change, for a crop of remaining 2016 numismatic products.

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