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Peratrovich dollar coins available to banks in Alaska at face value

Banks and financial institutions in the state of Alaska can order circulation quality 2020 Native American dollar coins at face value directly from the U.S. Mint.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint

Banks and financial institutions in the state of Alaska can order circulation-quality 2020 Native American dollars directly from the U.S. Mint at the coins’ face value under a special program designed by the bureau.

The 2020 Native American dollar reverse portrays Elizabeth Peratrovich, a member of the native Tlingit nation and advocate for Alaskan natives. Her impassioned speech in the Alaskan Senate was considered a deciding factor in the passage of the 1945 Anti-Discrimination Law in the Alaskan territorial legislature.

2020 is the 75th anniversary of Peratrovich’s testimony.

On Jan. 22, 2020, the Alaska State Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 9, requesting that the 2020 Native American dollars honoring Peratrovich be made available at face value to financial institutions in Alaska.

Special dispensation

The U.S. Mint has developed a program to accommodate the intent of the Alaska legislation.

Except for the special program, collectors and the general public wanting bags, rolls and boxes of 2020 circulation quality Native American dollars struck at either the Denver Mint or Philadelphia Mint pay a premium above face value, plus shipping charges.

Under the special program for Alaska banks and financial institution’s only, the U.S. Mint will provide the coins at face value. The banks and financial institutions will still be responsible for shipping costs, according to the U.S. Mint.

“The coins are available through the Mint in rolls of 25, bags of 100, and boxes of 250,” according to the U.S. Mint announcement. “The minimum order is four boxes of 250 $1 coins ($1,000.00), and there is a daily maximum order limit of four boxes per day.

“Financial institutions can order via the United States Mint’s web site,

“For additional assistance, Alaskan financial Institutions can contact the Mint’s Customer Care Center at 1-844-467-1328. This special program does not replace or circumvent financial institutions’ normal Federal Reserve order process.”

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