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ANA to heighten its security at shows beginning in March

The American Numismatic Association is increasing show security in 2023. Thefts have been on the upswing, according to reports. The 2022 ANA World's Fair of Money, whose opening moments is shown here, was marred by a theft.

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The American Numismatic Association is increasing security measures at its annual conventions, beginning with the National Money Show March 2 to 4 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, because of increased numismatic thefts nationwide.

ANA officials noted that a number of numismatic thefts were perpetrated at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois, in August 2022. As a result of that criminal activity, ANA President Ralph Ross established a Security Committee aimed at providing updated guidelines, resources and increased security strategies at ANA conventions.

The ANA will increase security presence and video surveillance at all its conventions for added protection, according to ANA officials. Since the Security Committee’s inception in late 2022, the ANA has been working with committee member Doug Davis, founder of the Numismatic Crime Information Center, to produce a video on show security that will be provided to dealers prior to its shows.

ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick emphasizes that implementing additional security measures are not 100% foolproof. “It’s imperative that collectors, dealers, and volunteers stay alert and look out for one another,” says Kiick. “If you see something, say something!”

Charles Morgan, a member of the ANA Board of Governors and chairman of the Security Committee, states that the association’s board is pursuing whatever security options will provide added safety to coin dealers, collectors and the public attending ANA events.

“Thieves look for targets of opportunity, where the risk is low, and the potential for gains is high,” Morgan says. “Sadly, our ANA  conventions are not immune from this threat.

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