SS Central America: Ingots, money, and gold dust

This is fifth of a six-part series that takes you behind of the scenes to watch preparations for marketing material retrieved in 2014 from the historic shipwreck:

In mid-February Coin World senior editor Paul Gilkes spent a few hours at the headquarters of the Professional Coin Grading Service, speaking with Robert Evans, the chief scientist and historian on two separate sets of explorations of the wrecksite of the SS Central America.

Here, Evans speaks about what was discovered in the SS Central America's safe, found in a field of debris close to the main shipwreck. He explains how raw gold was transformed into ingots. The prospect of transforming gold finds into personal fortunes was the direct motivation for much of the California gold rush. 

Below are a few related narratives that we've shared with you over the past few years that speak to the magnitude of this treasure.

SS Central America revels thousands of new findingsSS Central America reveals thousands of new findings The treasure recovered from the wreckage of the SS Central America from 1988 to 1991 has been widely studied and dispersed in the marketplace.

 Ship of Gold, part 2, ready for another numismatic voyageShip of Gold, part 2, ready for another numismatic voyage SS Central America treasure salvaged in 2014 to go on public display.

Sales for salvaged SS Central America gold coins beginSales for salvaged SS Central America gold coins begin California Gold Marketing Group names primary distributors

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