Royal Canadian Mint debuts device that detects counterfeit bullion

The Royal Canadian Mint is now offering a device called Bullion DNA that verifies the authenticity of Maple Leaf silver and gold bullion coins. 

The product was unveiled before a gathering of North American bullion dealers and distributors at the American Numismatic Association's 2015 World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill.

The device works by reading a micro-engraved security mark appearing on the reverse of every Maple Leaf gold bullion coin dated 2014 and later, as well as every Maple Leaf silver bullion coin dated 2015 and beyond.

Read more about the new device.

2. 1851-O Coronet double eagle resurfaces

"The Eric P. Newman provenance is one that is a double-edged sword in the marketplace. It’s a positive because, obviously, Newman amassed a great collection. But it is also problematic in that it’s easy to track what a Newman coin sold for when offered at Heritage’s various Newman auctions."

This $20 Coronet double eagle is an example.

3. Germany's reunification honored

"The Reunification of Germany was officially ratified Oct. 3, 1990, a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall that had divided Germany and Europe for decades. On that date, 25 years ago, the Federal Republic of Germany sprang forth from the geopolitical landscape."

San Marino marked the anniversary with a new €2 coin.

4. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce as of 10:34 a.m. ET Wednesday:

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