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Paper money errors among Kagin’s lots in ANA show auction

Over two dozen currency errors, 10 of them on large-size notes, are being offered in the Kagin’s auction at the American Numismatic Association National Money Show on Feb. 28 in Atlanta. Many have not been publicly available for decades.

A Friedberg 1178 Series 1882 $20 gold certificate with a misaligned first printing comes with an estimated price of at least $20,000. Its Gem Uncirculated 65 grade makes it the best gold certificate error that Paper Money Guaranty has ever evaluated. It was positioned at the bottom of its four-note sheet, and because the sheet got shifted during printing, markers are visible at the bottom.

Other standouts are an F-36 Series 1917 United States note that is also a star or replacement note, graded PCGS Currency About Uncirculated 55, with a butterfly error in the lower left corner; a Series 1922 F-1187 $20 gold certificate with additional paper, graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 Exceptional Paper Quality; and a $20 gold certificate with its reverse inverted, certified PMG Very Fine 30; and from the small-size group, a Series 1929 $20 national bank note from Fort Collins, Colorado, with bank serial number 1A that was folded over diagonally prior to the third printing that applies the brown seal and serial numbers that is graded Choice Extremely Fine 45 Exceptional Paper Quality by PMG.

Large-size currency is highlighted by some popular collectible notes: a Series 1886 $5 F-263 silver certificate graded AU-58 by PCGS Currency, 1896; a pair of Educational Notes — a Series 1896 $2 silver certificate, F-248, graded AU-55 by PMG, and a $5 silver certificate, F-268, graded EF-45 by PMG; two Series 1891 $50 F-335 silver certificates in PMG VF-30 and PMG VF-35; a Series 1923 $5 F-282 “Lincoln Porthole” graded PMG EF-45; and a Series 1891 $2 F-357 Treasury note graded PMG AU-58.

Highlights from the national bank notes section include what Kagin’s says is the real star of this series — an original pack of 50 mostly Choice Uncirculated Series 1929 $20 notes from the American National Bank of Pensacola (Florida).

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