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We're making changes to make sure you receive Coin World

Receiving your Coin World in the mail each week should be a bit easier from now on.

Effective this issue, Coin World’s weekly publication will have a heavier, glossy cover and back page.

While this serves an aesthetic purpose, making Coin World more attractive, it also has the functional role of creating a sturdier product that better withstands the rigors of the United States Postal Service and the wrath of its sorting equipment.

For those of you who read the weekly issue online, the cover won’t really change your experience at all. But all of us at Coin World are keenly aware of the problems that many of our readers have had in getting timely delivery of the weekly print issue.

At coins shows and through email to our offices, we have heard from many of you about copies of Coin World that have arrived destroyed, or have just not arrived at all.

Based on the experience of Linn’s Stamp News — a weekly publication also produced by Amos Press that switched to a glossy, heavier cover at the start of this year — we expect the delivery timeliness and condition of Coin World when it reaches your mailbox should improve substantially with this enhancement.

For those who require extra privacy, delivery in a secure, opaque blue plastic wrap is still available as an additional feature to the weekly print subscription and remains standard for delivery of the monthly Coin World Special Edition.

Our editorial and design staff continues to work tirelessly — each and every week — to produce a publication that aims to provide collectors with the most educational, interesting and best-researched articles on coins, paper money, tokens and medals from both the United States and around the world.

We continue to seek out the best letters, Guest Commentary pieces and freelance features, and are always seeking to add to our constellation of stellar Coin World columnists and contributors.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy Coin World, and from all of us in Sidney, Ohio, we appreciate your readership and hope that this small improvement will alleviate some of the delivery problems that our readers have reported over the past few years.





Steve Roach

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