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ANA discusses challenges of Philadelphia as show city

The American Numismatic Association Board of Governors is keeping a close watch on the tax situation in Philadelphia, host city for the 2018 World’s Fair of Money. The board discussed this and other matters during its Oct. 14 board meeting. 

ANA conventions director Rhonda Scurek confirmed that the hotel contracts for the 2018 World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia provided an exit clause in the event of Pennsylvania passing (or enforcing) laws that would be disadvantageous to visiting coin dealers. 

ANA legal counsel Hollie Wieland noted that Kentucky dealer Jonathan Kern had received a tax-related letter from a third party who was collecting on behalf of the city of Philadelphia. The third party was seeking taxes and a penalty owed, because of Kern allegedly establishing a nexus with the city during his participation in Philadelphia coin shows. Wieland added that the nexus law applicable in Philadelphia is general, unlike in California where it is specific and requires a series of interactions in the state, and that dealers participating in a coin show may incur local taxes. 

She said that while there is not an actual ruling stating that coin dealers would be subject to the tax, she questioned why Philadelphia would give up thousands of dollars in potential taxes by exempting coin dealers. Since the hold on the convention center expires on Oct. 31, ANA executive director Kim Kiick and President Walt Ostromecki urged that the ANA move quickly in understanding the tax situation and how it may impact the 2018 ANA show. 

To listen to the full meeting, the ANA has posted the full audio at its YouTube channel

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