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Downies issues new coin in Deadly and Dangerous series

The 2014 coin from the popular Deadly & Dangerous series honors the Spider-Hunting Scorpion, which appears in full color on the reverse of the Proof 1-ounce .999 fine silver $1 coin from Tuvalu.

Images courtesy of Downies.

The spider-hunting scorpion is the latest subject of a popular modern coin program.

The Perth Mint and distributor Downies on May 20 in Australia (May 19 in North America) launched the ninth coin in the Deadly & Dangerous series, which began in 2006 with a coin celebrating the red-backed spider. The series honors Australia’s varied wildlife, which includes some of the most dangerous and deadly animals in the world.

The spider-hunting scorpion can be identified by its large pincers and twisting tail topped with a stinger.

Every issue in the program of Proof 1-ounce .999 fine silver dollar coins has sold out its 5,000-coin mintage per design, and early issues command many multiples of their issue price (the 2006 coin, for instance, regularly trades for around $1,000 U.S. or higher). Even more recent issues trade for premiums above their issue price.

The coins measure 40.6 millimeters in diameter, and each issue features a colorful reverse highlighting a different "deadly and dangerous" animal.

A view of the scorpion, its name and a reference to the coin's fineness and metal alloy fill the reverse of the series' new legal tender Tuvalu coin. The Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse.

The coin is presented within a high-gloss timber case, accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Downies, the Perth Mint and Talisman Coins (the Perth Mint’s distributor in the United States) all offer the coin, at varying prices.

Downies offers the coin for $99 U.S; to order from Downies, visit the firm's website.

The Perth Mint offers the coin for $84.31; to order from the Perth Mint, visit its website.

Talisman Coins offers the coin for $79.95 U.S. Telephone Talisman Coins toll free at 888-552-2646 or visit its website.

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