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Dies rotate for double struck 1838 Capped Bust quarter

Collector Andrew Mantione's 1838 Capped Bust quarter dollar was struck twice with the dies rotating between the first and second strikes.

Images courtesy of Andrew Mantione.

It's not often that one would expect a Capped Bust quarter dollar to be featured in an article in The E-Gobrecht, the electronic newsletter of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club. After all, the Capped Bust design was replaced by the Seated Liberty design that is the focus of the club.

In this March's edition, 2015 Volume 11, Issue 3, however, collector Greg Johnson writes about a double-struck 1838 Capped Bust quarter dollar in his column, "Quarter of the Month."

Collector Andrew Mantione brought the coin to the bourse table of dealer Gerry Fortin at the Whitman Baltimore Expo last November.

Mantione was seeking opinions from other collectors and numismatic experts about the coin he had. None had seen a Capped Bust or Seated Liberty coin with the type of error Mantione's coin displayed.

Johnson writes: "It appears that the coin was struck twice, and that the dies rotated with respect to each other between the first and second striking such that the reverse die, when the coin was struck for the second time, created a second impression of the design rotated clockwise from the first. The most interesting effect is the noticeable 'interference' between the reverse shield lines, both vertical and horizontal, which is even more striking in hand than in the photo."

Johnson asks than anyone who has seen, or has a photo of, or has a similar error to contact him through LSCC Publications Editor Bill Bugert via email.

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