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    Joe O’Donnell, digital content producer, joined the Coin World editorial staff in 2014. Joe writes web content, manages Coin World’s social media accounts, compiles content for daily digital eNewsletters, and contributes on occasion to the print magazine. He has enjoyed interacting withCoin World readers while covering the sale of coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard and the 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollar releases.

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  • What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?: Readers respond

    Of course the gold 1964-2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar is on our readers' collective Christmas list.

    Images courtesy of the U.S. Mint

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but I'm sure plenty of spouses, kids, significant others, and friends are still out there looking for a gift or two for the numismatist in their lives. (Along those lines: )

    I'm here to help. I asked our Coin World Facebook fans last month which numismatic items they'd like to see under the tree this year, and I received plenty of responses. 

    Shoppers, take note!

    • ?Todd Abshire: "I would love for my friend, Kenny Keller to buy me a nice 1893-S Morgan Dollar graded XF45 by PCGS."
    • Ken Lemke: "Seems like the Holiday season starts soon and sooner. Heck, I just put my grill away. Coins? Heck, I collect coins year round."
    • Bob Yamtich: "I hope I can get my wife to buy me the baseball commemorative half, as a good luck token to have in my pocket at games."
    • Michael Warner: "'21 Denver Walking Half. I have a soft spot for the series and I still need the key."
    • Gary Geiser: "4 MS64+ Morgans. Date unimportant - just need them to finish filling a box of 20."
    • John A. Zieman Jr.: "1792 Half Disme. Reason is because of the history and rumors of George and Martha Washington's donation of silverware to make them. Plus, one of the coolest looking coins ever…"
    • Alexandrea Zieman: "The Mar. 23, 1836 first steam coinage token. I would absolutely love one because I love this time period of the mint and the new technologies of the time. Plus its a nice looking coin."
    • Jack Kennedy: "Any barber quarter"
    • Jason Broom: "I'll take a monster box of pandas please..."
    • Robert A. Balduf: "I would love to get the 2014 American Silver Eagle Proof!"
    • Russell Morgan: "A Barack Obama memorial four cent piece!"
    • Mark Boyle: "1933 saint gaudens"
    • David Hollister: "Hoping an early commem shows under up under the xmas tree this year !"
    • Braydon Ballow: "Just the right amount of cash. To throw down on the best deal iv seen, for a slabbed 1925 D 2.5 dollar Indian Head. Mm baby"
    • Gordon G Murray II: "I know this is going to sound really stupid but I turned 50 this year so I'm hoping somebody in my family will get me something Kennedy related. What I really would like to get is the 2014 Silver Proof Set not the one with the presidents in it but that box set that they started in 2012 the net asset in 2013 so I'm assuming sometime in 2015 the release the 2014 set so I guess I would want a gift card to the US Mint so that I could get that set to add to my collection"
    • Elijah Homuth: "Any coin because every coin has a piece of history in it."
    • Gary Richards: "I would love a gold Kennedy, it's the only Kennedy issued this year that I don't have. I can't afford one."

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