Unhappy with the ANA? Change it from within through leadership

The American Numismatic Association’s settlement of its legal issues with former executive director Larry Shepherd hopefully closes what has been an unusually litigious period in the ANA’s history.

The settlement — the terms of which remain confidential — will hopefully move the organization forward by directing resources to further the ANA’s mission: numismatic education and the growth of the hobby.

To ANA members who are particularly pleased with the direction of the ANA, why not take on an elected position within the organization to continue the trajectory?

Or, to those who are displeased with the ANA and think that it’s headed in the wrong direction, why not change it from the inside by running for a seat on the ANA Board?

The ANA is led by a volunteer board elected every two years for two-year terms. A president, vice president and seven governors are elected.

ANA election nominations must be received prior to March 1, and candidates have until March 31 to accept or decline their nomination.

 As of Feb. 19, Jeff Garrett has accepted a nomination for president, Gary Adkins for vice president and Col. Steve Ellsworth and Richard Jozefiak have accepted nominations for governor positions.

Election ballots will be sent by an independent auditing firm on or before June 1 to all ANA members entitled to vote. Learn more about the election process, keep track of who is running, and sign up for electronic voting at www.money.org/elections.

Publications like Coin World can ask questions of the ANA, but it’s up to the board to set direction for the ANA staff to follow. A good, service-minded board that looks critically and intelligently at the challenges facing the ANA and our hobby can propel our hobby forward, just as a bad board can set it back years.

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