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  • Two More New Issues from the Mint of Poland

    Spring is often when world mints roll out some of their best products of the year.  
    Already we have seen Coin Invest Trust begin to release an impressive range of coins for virtually every taste from the Great Tea Race coins to the new Tiffany issue and many others that were first unveiled during the February World Money Fair in Berlin.
    Now the Mint of Poland, one of the premier coining facilities in the world that specializes in producing top-quality issues for other countries, is doing the same.
    In addition to the intriguing planet Mercury coin I discussed last week, two other interesting high-end pieces were announced this week that are both issued under the authority of Niue.  Each is a distinctive issue that comes in a wooden display box with a certificate of authenticity.

    The first is a 2-oz. high relief, antique silver coin issued for Niue about the famous Trojan Horse that the ancient Greeks used to secretly invade the city of Troy.  
    According to a Latin poem from the time of Augustus and of course in Homer's Iliad, the Greeks made a large wooden horse and hid some of their armed force inside it.  They then pretended they were sailing away after a decade-long siege but pulled the horse into the city and under the cover of night, the men in the horse came out and attacked the Trojans.  
    The coin features exquisite artwork and a real wooden inlay, and it is rimless with the serial number etched on the coin, and the number matches that which is on the certificate of authenticity.  It is also the first issue in a new series called Ancient Myths.  A mere 500 coins were issued, and the coin is selling out fast at retailers pushing retail prices up over the course of the week from $200 to $230-260.

    The other new issue is also a first in a new series called Evolution of Earth and features a bug called a Trilobite.  The coin is also made of 2-oz. of silver and is struck in ultra high relief with a relief of 3.7 millimeters, a mintage of 666 coins, and is plated with two rare metals- gold and ruthenium, including gold-plating on the coin's edge.
    Trilobites were one of the first arthropods (an invertebrate animal with an exoskeleton) to roam the earth and managed to live for 270 million years and then became extinct about 250 million years ago.  This coin is selling for $240-250 or so.

    Both of these new issues are available for pre-order now, and the coins are expected to be available sometime in May.  But remember that there can always be delays.

    These coins can be obtained from sellers who typically carry Mint of Poland releases such as the Coin Shoppe (www.thecoinshoppe.ca) in Canada , First Coin Company (www.firstcoincompany.com) in the U.S., Invercoin (www.Invercoin.com) in Spain, Powercoin (www.powercoin.it) in Italy and on eBay.  The Coin Shoppe has already sold out of the Trojan Horse coin twice, according to the firm's owner, and both coins are also in high demand at First Coin Company.

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