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    Louis Golino has been a collector of American and world coins since childhood and has written about coins since 2009. He writes about modern coins and other numismatic issues for Coin World. He is a founding member of the Modern Coin Forum.

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  • Perth Mint Release One-Ounce Silver and Gold High Relief Wedge Tailed Eagles

    Back in March and April I discussed the 2015 line-up of Australian wedge tailed eagles, which are minted by the Perth Mint.  This is the second year for this popular new series that features a striking reverse design of a wedge tailed eagle in flight with its large wings spread.  
    The appeal of these coins is a result of the gorgeous, intricately-detailed design, the general popularity of eagles, especially in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and the fact that the design is the handiwork of John Mercanti, who retired from the U.S. Mint as Chief Engraver.  As with many popular Perth releases the American market is where many coins end up, especially in this case.
    But as I mentioned in the spring, Perth has a distribution deal with GovMint, a U.S. dealer, that is part of the Asset Marketing Services group of companies, which recently acquired Modern Coin Mart.
    As a result American buyers have had to either acquire the coins from GovMint, or wait until they are released directly by Perth to the non-U.S. market and then purchase them from Australian or European dealers.  
    The most popular of all the various versions of silver and gold wedge tailed eagles are those struck in high relief and proof, which really brings out the detail and beauty of the design.  
    On July 7 Perth released the silver and gold one-ounce high relief proof coins, which are available ungraded from European and Australian companies for prices in the range of $77 to $100 for the silver and $2,000 for the gold, which is substantially less than the graded coins GovMint had in the spring.  Not surprisingly prices for 70-graded coins have come down now that raw coins are available for $100 or less.
    The silver has a mintage limit of 10,000 coins worldwide, and the gold has a mintage of 1,000 coins.
    For those who are eagerly awaiting the 5 ounce silver high relief proof coins, which are the other big seller for this series, Perth's press office informed me that their Australian release in coming in September.  

    July 13 Update: GovMint announced that a one-ounce platinum version of this coin is now available.  It has a mintage of just 500 coins, and only 300 are available to collectors in the U.S.  GovMint is selling PCGS PF69 and 70 coins.