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  • Change Coming for Pobjoy Mint and Isle of Man Coins

    Pobjoy Mint Ltd. (www.pobjoy.com), a private mint in the UK, issues both numerous commemorative coins and some circulating ones for various countries. It also sells directly to collectors through its web site.

    For the past 40 years it has been the official minter for the Isle of Man, a self-governing island located in the sea between England and Ireland.  It is a British Crown dependency and is well-known in the numismatic world for the many collector coins it issues, such as the various cat-themed coins, which were discussed in the July cover story by Bill Gibbs. 

    Pobjoy issues many unusual coins such as one that is in the shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    Taya Pobjoy, managing director of the mint, issued the following announcement this week: "Pobjoy Mint Ltd would like to announce that as from March 2017 they will no longer represent the Isle of Man as the official minter of Isle of Man legal tender products.

    Recently, the Isle of Man has announced a reduction in the number of themes that can be produced in any year.

    This will mean that many Isle of Man coins will no longer be made and we urge our customers to order existing Isle of Man products while stock last.

    We will continue to produce high-quality coins from our six other issuing authorities and look forward to showing our customers the new and exciting products we have for the balance of 2016 and into 2017.

    Pobjoy Mint Ltd has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Isle of Man that has lasted for over 40 years; we wish them well for the future."

    One implication of this news is that the popular Angel bullion coin, which has been issued since 1984 in silver and gold, may no longer be issued, depending on what happens after a different mint starts making Isle of Man coins.  And the reverse proof Angel with a mintage of 100,000 coins that was issued this year will definitely no longer be issued since Pobjoy confirmed that. 

    The design of this coin features the angel Saint Michael, and the current design is the third one used since the series began. 

    For 2016 a proof version of the same coin was issued in a special two-coin set with the reverse proof and a mintage of just 500 coins. The proof is only available in the set, which retails for about $150.  The single reverse proof coin can be purchased for a little under $30.

    If you collect Isle of Man coins, you may want to obtain those pieces you need in the near future.  SM Coins, an eBay coin dealer that specializes in modern world issues, has an extensive selection of these coins: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_osacat=0&_ssn=son-montuno&_nkw=isle+man

    Update on 2016 Britannia proof coins: The 5 oz. silver coin has sold out, and the 1 oz. silver coin and 6-coin silver set are close to sold out as well.  In addition, the first-ever reverse proof version has been released by APMEX (www.apmex.com) in a 2-coin set with the regular proof. Only 500 sets were issued, and the reverse proof is only available in the set.  The set was announced yesterday, July 21, and is selling quickly.  It was produced exclusively for APMEX by the Royal Mint. 


    Image of Angel set is courtesy of SM Coins.