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  • 2016 Libertad Mintages Announced

    On November 18 I received the mintage date for all silver and gold Libertad coins from Mexico minted in 2016, including both mint state and proof versions.

    This is an annual event that Libertad collectors eagerly await since these coins have no predetermined mintages, nor are sales reported during the year.

    The biggest development is that to meet rising demand around the world, the Mexican mint has expanded its production capabilities and that has resulted in higher mintages almost across the board.

    In some cases, such as the silver proofs of all sizes, this means the highest level ever, but consider that at 13,250 for the 1-ounce silver proof coin, that is tiny company to the mintage of proof issues from other mints.

    The 1-ounce BU coin came in at 1,437,500, which is the highest since 1992, but again a low mintage coin in global terms.

    Gold proof mintages were raised to 2,100 (1,600 individual coins and 500 in the boxed wooden sets), which is not the highest ever, but is a lot higher than recent mintages for these coins.

    To compare 2016 mintages to those of earlier years, Wikipedia is a good source.

    With this context in mind, the key question is how will the market react to these figures?  The answer to that will of course only be revealed over time.  While there are no key date or especially low mintage coins this year (apart from the reverse proof at 1,500 as discussed previously), I do not think retail values for these coins will go down in light of this information.

    And that is because the higher mintages reflect increased demand for the coins, and world wide distribution of the coin has also increased.  So these great coins are not likely to be any easier to find despite the higher mintages since they are dispersed more widely than previous issues.


    2016 Libertad mintages

    Gold BU 4,100, 1,200, 1,000, and 2,900 (1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz, 1/10th oz. and 1/20th oz.)

    And proofs of same size: 2100 each


    Silver BU also in same five sizes: 1,437,500, 30,900, 17,700, 24,400, and 22,900 plus 11,400 for the

    5 oz. and 17,600 for the 2 oz.

    Silver proof in same sizes: 13,250, 9,550, 12,650, 12,500 plus 2,750 for the 5 oz. proof and 3,950

    for the 2 oz.

    No kilo mintages yet