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Louis Golino has been a collector of American and world coins since childhood and has written about coins since 2009. In addition to writing about modern coins and other numismatic issues for Coin World, he writes a monthly column for The Numismatist magazine and has written for other coin publications. In 2017, for  “Liberty Centennial Designs,” in Elemetal Direct, he was presented with the Numismatic Literary Guild's award for best article in a non-numismatic publication. He is also a founding member of the Modern Coin Forum. 

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Little News from the U.S. Mint

It's shaping up to be a rather quiet summer in terms of numismatic releases from the U.S. Mint despite the fact that so many of the issues of greatest interest to collectors have not yet been released, or even listed with a date on the Mint's online product schedule.
June's highlights include the launch of the Harper's Ferry quarters and companion 5-ounce silver coin as well as the 2016 Native American dollar coin and currency set and the 2016-W American Platinum Eagle proof coin.
Last year's platinum eagle sold out in minutes and as i suggested here before its release, it has turned out to be a big secondary market winner and has definitely held its value.  The 2016 coin sports a gorgeous design of Lady Liberty in a neo-classical style, but no details have been released about the coin's mintage or household limit.
Later in the summer the Nancy Reagan gold first spouse coin will be issued, marking the end of that series.  It will likely be a popular issue.
But here we are almost halfway through the year, and there are still no American Eagle Silver proof coins with special edge lettering for the 30th anniversary or any news about some kind of special set for the anniversary, or one for the same anniversary of the American Gold Eagle program.
And fans of the centennial gold tribute coins are puzzled that the Standing Liberty gold quarter does not have a release date, yet it was displayed at a coin show in late April, which suggests the coins have been struck.
And not a word about the Walking Liberty gold coin.
There are certainly reasons why the Mint needs to wait to release certain information about its programs and coins, but this situation seems very puzzling.
Buyers need advance notice so they can figure out how to budget for several expensive coins that interest them, and the coin media can help the Mint get out the word about these issues.  But all that requires a specific plan and a lot more information from the Mint. 
If nothing else, perhaps the officials at the Mint could provide an explanation for the lack of information such as a restructuring of staff or management.

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The Mint is waiting for the price of gold to go up before they release the gold SLQ. You are so right about many collectors needing to budget for some coin releases.
Could it be that the Mint is having trouble sourcing the gold to make the centennial commemoratives? The price of gold has started to rise again, as of late, as retail demand for gold bullion has increased in the West. Demand for gold eagles, through May, 2016, is up two times over last year. The Mint is required, by law, to produce gold eagles in sufficient quantity to meet public demand. They are also required to source their gold from "newly minted domestic sources." if these supplies are dwindling, they may be holding off, or slowing down, the production of other gold coins which may not have the same mandates for production, under law. This could also apply to the issuance of certain silver coinage as well, as the Mint focuses on meeting demand for silver Eagles.