• Ron Drzewucki


    Ron Drzewucki has been a professional numismatist since 1984 and a member of Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) since 1995. He has for years been a dealer "known as having a superb eye for coins" and "has the experience and discriminating eye to make those important distinctions between grades", according to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's newsletter. Ron ran a successful company dealing in certified rare coins and modern coins before joining Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in January of 2005.. Grading rare, silver, and gold vintage coins are Ron's specialty. Ron was with NGC for 7 years, and was a shareholder for 6 years before selling his shares in May, 2012.

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  • Like Father Like Son

    Most coin collectors would like to get their children or grandchildren interested in their hobby. But the competition for youngsters’ attention today is fierce; coins vs. ipads, iphones, etc. is usually a losing battle. However, here and there one can find victories of numismatics over electronics.
    One example is coin dealer Ron Drzewucki, owner of www.moderncoinwholesale.com, who caught the numismatic bug from his father, a longtime member of the ANA. and has passed it along to his son Ronnie.
    Ron started collecting the coins that have launched many hobbies and careers—United States Mint and Proof Sets. Ronald  Drzewucki Sr. eventually made his living for 30 years by buying and selling at coin shows around the country—eventually taking his teenage son Ron with him. One day in Iowa, Ron bought a coin and sold it the same day for a profit. He can’t remember what that coin was—but that was the day that Ron decided he wanted to buy and sell coins for a living. Ron soon became an expert grader and by the age of 15 was a professional numismatist.
    Ron has always liked helping people, and he briefly considered entering the priesthood; today he helps people who want to start coin collecting or to add important rarities to their collections.
    Before joining the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Ron conducted a successful business dealing in certified and modern coins.  For 6 years at NGC, Ron was a shareholder and he worked 7 years as a grading finalizer. A finalizer is the grading expert who makes the final decision on a coin grade.
    NGC and the other independent grading services were originally founded to grade older rare coins, but Ron was actually one of the first dealers to submit modern coins to NGC, and was the first dealer to get an NGC PF70 grade for a Statehood Quarter. Ron dealt with a lot of modern issues before going to work for NGC, and therefore it is no surprise that the business he opened following his stint with NGC is named Modern Coin Wholesale.
    Ron is especially pleased about his son Ronnie’s participation in the new company, saying “I didn’t push my son into numismatics, and didn’t push him into the business aspect, but he found it on his own starting at 12 when he assembled a collection of Eisenhower Dollars.  Now, when school is in session, Ronnie works about 20 hours a week, and during the summer he works full time. He take photos, lists items on ebay, ship packages, runs errands; he also helps with the pricing of products, accounting, advertisements, and takes orders over the phone. During the summer, Ronnie attends coin shows with his dad. He enjoys the fast pace at the tables and auctions. The younger Drzewucki says that he loves dealing with coins—and he still likes the Ikes.
    Ron hopes that his son will ultimately take over the business, and if not then at least take a role in how the company is run, but this proud dad feels that “even if he chooses another career path this is a priceless learning experience for him.”