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Since 1974, L&C Coins has been dealing in collector coins. Committed to bringing high quality coins at the lowest possible price makes L&C Coins one of the premier dealers in the hobby. Whether looking for raw or certified coins, a key coin to complete your collection, or seeking the thrill of the hunt offered in buying a lot, you can trust the team at L&C Coins.

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The Highly Desired 1970-S Double Die Lincoln Cent

The 1970-S Large Date LincolnCent Doubled Die Obverse is a highly sought after coin for any varietycollector. It is an extremely scarce major double die from the Lincoln Centswith only about 50 known to exist. The doubling can be seen with the naked eye makingit easy to spot in a roll of circulated 70-S cents. The doubling ispredominately seen in the words ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ and ‘LIBERTY’.  This double die in Mint State 66 Red by PCGSrealized $24,150.00 at auction in 2001 and now PCGS price guide suggestion is $37,500!

At L&C Coins, theyhave the collector coins you need, including a 1970-S Large Date Lincoln CentDouble Die in MS64 Red Brown by PCGS. Check it out by clicking here.

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Just found a 1970 s penny. Not sure if it is smal or large date. Who do I seek out in the Austin Texas area that could help?
I have one of those Political coins, mine is
Dated 1837, and it is in a lot better condition than the one featured. I'm looking to sell it and another coin dated 1799. It's a bust of someone. I looked it up.and it said it was a Spanish pieces of 8. It's in good condition, but has wear. But every thing on it is visible.