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Since 1974, L&C Coins has been dealing in collector coins. Committed to bringing high quality coins at the lowest possible price makes L&C Coins one of the premier dealers in the hobby. Whether looking for raw or certified coins, a key coin to complete your collection, or seeking the thrill of the hunt offered in buying a lot, you can trust the team at L&C Coins.

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The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Releases- Let the Fun Begin!

The popular Kennedy Half Dollar turns 50 this year and the US Mint is going all out with the commemorative releases to celebrate.  These options include the following:

1. 2014 50th Anniversary Two Coin Clad Set: Includes two uncirculated clad half dollars- one from Philadelphia and the other from Denver with the 1964 obverse design. Released on July 24.
2. 1964-2014 Gold 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar- This coin is a proof strike composed of 24 karat gold made at the West Point Mint. It will have the duel date of 1964 and 2014.  The release date is August 5. 
3. 2014 50th Anniversary Four Coin Silver Set: Includes four silver half dollars- one Proof from Philadelphia, Reverse Proof made in West Point, Enhanced Mint State from San Francisco, and Uncirculated from the Denver Mint. Release date to be announced. 
The mint has established strict household limits on the releases to ensure that each customer has an opportunity to purchase the coins. Those restrictions may be lifted after the initial release date once the mint evaluates sales during the sale period. The first release was the 2014 50th Anniversary Two Coin Clad Set and the mint reported nearly 70,000 sets were sold on the first day of release. Those sales reports are showing that the anniversary celebration is already proving to be a success!
Since the Mint the has created house hold limits, this could create high demand in the after market from collectors and dealers. This makes this series of the releases an exciting adventure for collectors! At L&C Coins we want to make sure you get the coins you need for your collection! If you are interested in the 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Releases sign up to join our 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars Want List! 
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the 2 coin clad set had a very poor surface condition in my opinio
I bought five gold and am waiting for the sale of the silver proof. I frequently go to the bank and ask for Kennedy rolls simply to spend them so that his memory will be kept alive.