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Matt Crane

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Matt Crane

Since 1974, L&C Coins has been dealing in collector coins. Committed to bringing high quality coins at the lowest possible price makes L&C Coins one of the premier dealers in the hobby. Whether looking for raw or certified coins, a key coin to complete your collection, or seeking the thrill of the hunt offered in buying a lot, you can trust the team at L&C Coins.

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    The Highly Desired 1970-S Double Die Lincoln Cent

    September 12, 2014 1:49 PM by MATT CRANE

    The 1970-S Large Date LincolnCent Doubled Die Obverse is a highly sought after coin for any varietycollector. It is an extremely scarce major double die from the Lincoln Centswith only about 50 known to exist. The doubling can be seen with the naked eye makingit easy to spot in a roll of circulated 70-S cents. The doubling ispredominately seen in the words ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ and ‘LIBERTY’.  This double die in Mint State 66 Red by PCGSrealized $24,150.00 at auction in 2001 and now PCGS price guide suggestion is $37,500!

    At L&C Coins, theyhave the collector coins you need, including a 1970-S Large Date Lincoln CentDouble Die in MS64 Red Brown by PCGS. Check it out by clicking here.

    The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Releases- Let the Fun Begin!

    August 4, 2014 9:24 AM by

    The popular Kennedy Half Dollar turns 50 this year and the US Mint is going all out with the commemorative releases to celebrate.  These options include the following:

    1. 2014 50th Anniversary Two Coin Clad Set: Includes two uncirculated clad half dollars- one from Philadelphia and the other from Denver with the 1964 obverse design. Released on July 24.
    2. 1964-2014 Gold 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar- This coin is a proof strike composed of 24 karat gold made at the West Point Mint. It will have the duel date of 1964 and 2014.  The release date is August 5. 
    3. 2014 50th Anniversary Four Coin Silver Set: Includes four silver half dollars- one Proof from Philadelphia, Reverse Proof made in West Point, Enhanced Mint State from San Francisco, and Uncirculated from the Denver Mint. Release date to be announced. 
    The mint has established strict household limits on the releases to ensure that each customer has an opportunity to purchase the coins. Those restrictions may be lifted after the initial release date once the mint evaluates sales during the sale period. The first release was the 2014 50th Anniversary Two Coin Clad Set and the mint reported nearly 70,000 sets were sold on the first day of release. Those sales reports are showing that the anniversary celebration is already proving to be a success!
    Since the Mint the has created house hold limits, this could create high demand in the after market from collectors and dealers. This makes this series of the releases an exciting adventure for collectors! At L&C Coins we want to make sure you get the coins you need for your collection! If you are interested in the 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Releases sign up to join our 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars Want List! 
    Click here or call 800.669.0953

    Iconic New Design for America's Iconic Past Time

    May 10, 2014 2:14 AM by
    The Curved Baseball Commemorative went on sale in March


    The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins goes on sale this Thursday, March 27, 2014. This is the first time in American coinage history that the US Mint is releasing a curved, domed style coin. The uniqueness of the design and the coin featuring baseball has made this coin one of the most talked about commemorative programs to date.



    The modern commemorative coin program began in 1982 with the release of the George Washington Commemorative Half Dollar. Since the release in 1982, the program has raised millions of dollars for numerous museums, monuments, memorials, organizations, historical sites, Olympic programs and much more. The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Hall of Fame. The not for profit organization will receive $35 for each gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar and $5 for each half dollar.

    The obverse design for the commemorative was chosen out of 178 submissions. The 178 was narrowed down to 26 by officials at the US Mint and then 16 finalists were picked by a Hall of Fame panel including . The winner Cassie McFarland was recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as the top design. The concave obverse depicts a glove with ‘LIBERTY’, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’, and ‘2014’ in the palm. The convex reverse has a baseball with ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’, ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’, and the denomination. This design is unlike anything the US Mint as ever produced! The US Mint is getting creative!

    L&C Coins is excited to be stocking all the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin. They will be graded by PCGS Specialty Holders! Check out www.LCCOINS.com or call 800.669.0953 for grades and prices!


    Kennedy Half Dollars: Cheers to 50 Years

    May 10, 2014 2:00 AM by
    Looking at the past of the Kennedy Half Dollar and where it's going
    1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

    The face of John F. Kennedy has graced the obverse of the Half Dollar for half a century. As coin enthusiasts speculate on what the United States Mint has up its sleeve to celebrate, I wanted to look back at the exciting Kennedy Half Dollar series and what collectors should be doing now to ensure the completion of their sets!

    Just over a month after Kennedy's death, Congress authorized the half dollar to change from Franklin to Kennedy. Immediately following his death, the US Mint went to work on the design. Gilroy Roberts had already designed Kennedy's portrait for his presidential medal and engraver Frank Gasparro designed the reverse which resembles the presidential seal. This allowed for the dies to be prepared quickly and production of the coins began in January 1964. 

    The 90% silver coins were released at the end of March 1964 and quickly disappeared from circulation. Collectors, hoarders and fans of the late President Kennedy grabbed up as many half dollars as they could. This made the US Mint increase production from 91 million to eventually minting 430 million, but still the Kennedy Half Dollar was rarely seen in circulation!

    At the end of 1964, silver prices were on the rise and the silver supply at the US Treasury was low, so changes in the metal composition of all coins was enacted by Congress with the Coinage Act of 1965. This changed the Kennedy Half Dollar from 90% silver to 40% silver. Then in 1971, after much debate, silver was completely eliminated from the half dollar. 

    The next major milestone for the Kennedy Half Dollar was the 1976 United States Bicentennial. The Mint decided to hold a competition for a reverse redesign for the Washington Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar, and Ike Dollar.  Seth G. Huntington's design of the Independence Hall was picked for the reverse design. All the half dollars minted in 1975 and 1976 were struck with the dates "1776-1976" on the obverse below Kennedy's portrait. The Bicentennial was wildly popular with the public- 521 million Half Dollars were minted. 

    In 2002 the mint stopped production of half dollars for general circulation and only struck half dollars for collecting purposes. Rolls, bags, and proof sets can be purchased from the Mint directly at a premium. Though circulation demand has dropped, collectors still love the Kennedy Half Dollar series and demand is on the rise with the 50th anniversary upon us.

    1970 Kennedy Half Dollar

    Key Dates and Varieties to Collect:

    1964 Proof Accented Hair: This is believed to be the first design struck of the Kennedy Half design. There is extra hair above Kennedy's ear as well as the 'I' in 'LIBERTY' missing lower left serif. 

    1964-D Double Die Obverse: There is doubling on the lettering on the obverse that is easiest to see at "WE TRUST", but it is visible on all the letters and the numbers of the date.

    1970-D: Denver was the only Mint that made Kennedy Half Dollars in 1970 and the coin was only available in mint sets. As a result, it was one of the lowest regular strike years of production. 

    1974-D Double Die Obverse: Just like the 1964-D, there is a doubling on the lettering on the obverse that is easiest to see at "WE TRUST", but it is visible on all the letters and the numbers of the date.

    1979-S Type II: The Mint Mark is a clear 'S' compared the the closed, filled 'S'. It is believed the die punch was becoming too unclear so during production they replaced the punch and thus created a clean, clear 'S'

    1981-S Type II: It is believed in 1981 they changed the mint mark punch so coins that were produced later in the year had a completely different mint mark design.

    1982-P No 'FG' Initials: Frank Gasparro initials are supposed to be placed in the field between the right wing and right leg. These initials were accidentally polished off one or more dies in an effort rid the dies of clash marks. 

    1998-S Special Mint Set Kennedy: This special matte finish was made as collectors coin and sold with the Robert F. Kennedy Commemorative Dollar. There were only about 62,000 to 64,000 (This number varies based on the source) minted! This a very rare Kennedy Half Dollar!

    2012-S Silver Proof: The year 2012 was one of the lowest mintages of the Silver Proof Coins in the modern era and made the 2012 Silver Kennedy a hot coin. 

    How will the mint honor the 50th Anniversary?

    There are many rumors circulating around about what the mint will do for the celebration of the Kennedy Half Dollar. We have seen some interesting  American Silver Eagle coins in recent years honoring anniversaries, and we will definitely see some exciting releases with the Kennedy series. There have been rumors of a three piece set including a gold Kennedy Half Dollar, a silver Kennedy Half Dollar and a copper-nickel clad Kennedy Half Dollar. Also there is buzz about a West Point Mint Kennedy Half Dollar as well as the other mints- Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. There will most likely be a special dual date release, 1964-2014. There are no official details from the US Mint about the coins, sets or release dates.

    Now is the time to start or update your collection today! Check out L&C Coins at www.LCCOINS.com where you can buy a complete Kennedy Set that is Choice Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof. It includes coins from 1964-PD to 2012-PDS, with clad and silver coins, three SMS coins, and the 1979-S Type II all housed in a beautiful dansco album. Or get a complete modern Kennedy Proof Set from 1973-S to 2013-S in clad and silver, with Types I & II in Proof 69 Deep Cameo by PCGS. Act now before the rush of collectors catch Kennedy Fever!

    American Silver Eagles - A Coin Series for All Collectors

    May 9, 2014 5:20 PM by
    Over the past few years, American Silver Eagles have proven themselves to be one of the premier coin series that the United States Mint has released.  This series has been extremely  popular with collectors, investors and curious silver buyers alike.

    So how did the the American Silver Eagle become a reality? In 1985 The Liberty Coin Act was passed into law. This amended bill allowed silver bullion coins to be issued and minted.  At the time, the US Government was trying to figure out a way to sell off stocked piles of silver, but didn't want to overwhelm the silver market price. The answer: minting and distributing silver-bearing coins. Then on October 29. 1986 the first American Silver Eagle was struck at the San Francisco Mint.

    The obverse design of the Silver Eagle comes from Adolph A. Weinman's Walking Liberty Half Dollar. His design was used from 1916 to 1947 and made in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is a wildly popular coin design. It is known for it's great detail and beautiful overall design.  It makes sense that the Mint would translate this design to the American Silver Eagle. The reverse designer is John Mercanti and it bears a heraldic eagle. The eagle has appeared on a great amount of United States coinage. It is as patriotic as our flag, Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty.  Mercanti's eagle design is somewhat of a formal design compared to a flying eagle or a eagle looking right or left. His design compliments Weinman's obverse perfectly.

    American Silver Eagles have been produced in the following formats over the past 28 years: Bullion, Proof, Reverse Proof, Burnished and Enhanced Mint State. The variety of formats have made it interesting and exciting for collectors. The 2006 20th Anniversary Set was the first time we saw the Reverse Proof design and again five years later for the 25th Anniversary Set.  This special design has helped in the popularity of the series and the desire for the Mint to do new and interesting modern coins.

    The 1995-W Proof American Silver has proven to be a challenge for most Silver Eagle lovers. It was a special release that was only able to be purchased through the 10th Anniversary Set and only 30,125 were minted. This has become the key coin in the American Silver Eagle Set. Recently, one sold at auction at GreatCollections in Proof 70 Deep Cameo by PCGS for $86,000.  

    There is no doubt the American Silver Eagle is a staple in modern coin collectors' collections." From its initial inception to its various anniversary releases, the American Silver Eagles has proven time and time again that it stays in high demand." But what will its future hold?" The US Mint is currently coming off three consecutive years of releasing some sort of American Silver Eagle Anniversary Set." Are they saturating the market?" Will collectors be overwhelmed if the US Mint continues to release special Silver Eagle releases?" In what direction will the US Mint take the American Silver Eagle program?" Collectors, investors and curious silver buyers eagerly await the US Mint's next move.

    Looking to complete or update your American Silver Eagle Collection? Check out  www.LCCOINS.com  for your coin needs!