Jefferson Nickel Among High Sellers in Krueger Auction

The second highest yielding lot in Saturday's 700-lot Proxibid auction by Krueger and Krueger Coins was a 1942-D/Horizontal D variety Jefferson nickel, selling with a $3,000 bid and realizing $3,535 with buyer's premium.

The highest selling lot was an 1800 Draped Bust Dollar, graded XF45 by NGC, selling for $3,250 or $3,818 with buyer's premium. Recent auction prices for similar Draped Bust dollars average about $4,000. The Krueger example was in an older NGC holder; however, the coin was a solid XF45 with any possible upgrade unlikely.  

The 1942-D specimen with its misplaced D on the reverse is a scarce coin coveted by Jefferson Nickel collectors, especially with full steps. NGC rates this coin 5 steps. With golden toning, the lot sold for hundreds less than in recent auctions, according to PCGS CoinFacts.

This variety is available in extra fine for about $250. In uncirculated grades, the coin is scarce, with only about 100 known examples.

The Krueger sale also featured dozens of error coins along with seldom-seen rarities and exonumia, including a 1779 Rhode Island Pewter Ship Medal, holed, in a PCGS holder, which sold with a bid of $1,300, or $1,527 with buyer's premium. The holed example adds character and detracts greatly from the price, with extra fine examples going for thousands more. 

Sales like this are important for the hobbyist because they offer collections from estates that typically contain finds unavailable at major houses, such as Heritage of GreatCollections.

Kurt Krueger, long-time numismatist, runs his operation out of Iola, Wisconsin.