• Ron Drzewucki


    Ron Drzewucki has been a professional numismatist since 1984 and a member of Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) since 1995. He has for years been a dealer "known as having a superb eye for coins" and "has the experience and discriminating eye to make those important distinctions between grades", according to the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's newsletter. Ron ran a successful company dealing in certified rare coins and modern coins before joining Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in January of 2005.. Grading rare, silver, and gold vintage coins are Ron's specialty. Ron was with NGC for 7 years, and was a shareholder for 6 years before selling his shares in May, 2012.

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  • It’s Never Too Late

    Ask anyone about an investment opportunity that passed them by, and they will probably relate how they “missed the boat.” Remember when Facebook crashed after their IPO, dropping to less than half of the original offering, and doomsayers said it was going to go lower? Well now it’s over $40. You probably missed that boat (so did I). Do you remember when China issued it’s first Panda 1 oz. pure silver coins in 1983 for under $50? If you can find this coin for sale anywhere, it will set you back at least $2,000! You probably missed the boat on that as well (me too).

    But boats sale more than one time. You could have bought the 1983 silver Panda coin for $100, $300, or $1000 in the intervening years. If you moaned each time that you had “missed the boat,” then indeed you missed it again and again.

    Today, many of the silver Panda coins, issued almost every year since 1983, sell at large (sometimes huge) premiums over the original issue price. So you can look at these prices and bemoan that you again “missed the boat,” or you can think that maybe you can catch the next boat!

    If you go into almost any bank in China, you will find the new 2013 silver Pandas for sale at under $50. The mintage of 6 million may sound like a lot, but it’s minuscule compared with the population of China of over 1.3 BILLION. That means that only one Chinese citizen out of 200 can possibly own the new silver Panda coin! There are reports of Chinese collectors and investors travelling to other countries to purchase silver Panda coins when they can’t get them locally.

    Many purchasers of the new 2013 silver Panda coins will try to locate the older, much rarer, issues—and this means continued pressure for prices to rise according to the ageless Law of Supply and Demand. Take a look at the wide selection of silver Panda coins from Modern Coin Wholesale by clicking here, and don’t miss another boat.