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    Joe O’Donnell, digital content producer, joined the Coin World editorial staff in 2014. Joe writes web content, manages Coin World’s social media accounts, compiles content for daily digital eNewsletters, and contributes on occasion to the print magazine. He has enjoyed interacting withCoin World readers while covering the sale of coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard and the 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollar releases.

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  • What do you want from us? (Seriously, though.)

    On Monday, I posted my first Morning Report post, a short, easy-to-read compilation of several bite-size numismatic items. 

    In that first post, I touched on a new find within a well-known coin hoard, where gold and silver prices stood, a few other CoinWorld.com posts readers might be interested in, and embedded a Facebook post from The Royal Mint regarding the anniversary of Charles Darwin publishing On the Origin of Species.

    Coin World’s aim is to bring you these posts multiple times per week to give our readers a quick entry point for your consumption of coin and paper money news and insights.

    The idea of the Morning Report is to, as much as possible, give you a selection of our stories, to provide you with a sampling of the many areas we cover, all in one place.

    With that in mind, we would love for you to comment on this post or tell us via Facebook and Twitter what you would like see in the Morning Report going forward.

    Is it a quick news item? Links to popular CoinWorld.com stories? Gold and silver values? Social media finds?

    Tell us what you want more of!

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