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    Joe O’Donnell, digital content producer, joined the Coin World editorial staff in 2014. Joe writes web content, manages Coin World’s social media accounts, compiles content for daily digital eNewsletters, and contributes on occasion to the print magazine. He has enjoyed interacting withCoin World readers while covering the sale of coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard and the 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollar releases.

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  • Should Franklin Roosevelt be taken off the U.S. dime?

    Pictured here is a Proof 1975-S Roosevelt, No S dime, one of the rarest Roosevelt dimes. Is the coin in need of a change?

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    The Roosevelt dime is the only circulating U.S. coin that has not gone through a redesign. Do you think it should be redesigned, and if so, who of these individuals would you prefer to see on the coin? 

    Coin World’s most recent poll question about the future of the U.S. dime and who should grace it has gotten plenty of response this week, both quantitative and qualitative. 

    In terms of the quantitative, poll voters so far are leaning toward Lady Liberty as Franklin Roosevelt’s successor. As of 1:52 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, Oct. 3, 27 percent of voters said Liberty should be put on a redesigned dime. 

    Twenty-six percent of voters said the Roosevelt design should not be changed, while 24 percent voted for Ronald Reagan as a replacement. 

    A new Franklin Roosevelt portrait had the support of 12 percent of voters, and 11 percent wanted the likeness of an elder Roosevelt, Theodore, to take over on the 10-cent piece.

    As for the qualitative feedback, our Facebook fans have chimed in, and here are a few of their responses:

    • Shawn Savage: "Please no more dead Presidents. I would love to see us go back to designs of Lady Liberty"
    • Bret Swanie: "Reagan or keep the same"
    • Mike McCall: "Reagan"
    • Daniel Pon: "FDR was one of our greatest presidents so he should stay. Perhaps change the reverse to reflect his accomplishments. They could retire the Kennedy half. As much loved as he was, he didn't have the time to leave as big a legacy as the other presidents commemorated. Theodore Roosevelt is the most prominent president not to have appeared on a circulatingcoin and is loong overdue for the recognition."
    • Paul Gunsallus: "Are you people serious??? We are in a time of American circulating coinage that has seen very little change with regards to our money. We have had Washington on the quarter since 1932 and he continues, Jefferson continues on the Nickel since 1938 with no more change in sight. Lincoln has been on since 1909 and not a single person will be alive that was living during a time during a different Cent. The Kennedy has now celebrated its 50th. Why are we even talking about keeping ANY DEAD Presidentson our money? Our money is flat and ugly with no relief, and we need to see something new come to the Dime if it is going to be redesigned, instead of anyone that was a President. There are many things to be put on a coin. If you want to look at America, the one thing that hasn't been put on a coin other then the Kentucky Quarter is a Horse. It is a fantastic symbol of the great American West. That is just one idea. Please, please do not put any more Politicians on our money. Enough is enough."
    • Mark Boyle: "Bring back the mercury dime, for good."

    What do you think should happen with the U.S. dime? Vote in our Coin World poll and then explain your vote on Facebook!

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