Gobrecht Dollar Top Seller at Fox Valley Show

A 1838 Judd-85 Gobrecht restrike, graded PR65 in an NGC holder, was the top selling coin in the Feb. 26 Fox Valley Coin auction, live in Chicago and online via Proxibid, with an onsite winning bid of $115,000, or $138,000 with buyer's premium.

This is a No-Stars version on the reverse. It differs from the less rare Judd-84, which has a reeded edge. The Judd-85 has a plain edge.

Fewer than a half dozen Judd-85 coins are known, and the last sold for 
$123,375 with BP at the 2013 Long Beach sale. 

The second highest seller was the 1863 $5 PF64 DCAM with CAC sticker with a bid of $82,000, or $98,400 with BP. That, too, went to an onsite seller. PCGS lists the coin at $80,000 retail. The last time a similar coin sold was in 2005 for $69,000.

One of the top-selling coins to an Internet bidder was  a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, PCGS Certified at MS64FH with a bid of $17,000 or $20,400 with BP. This is valued by PCGS at $24,000; but recent auction prices hover at the 20K mark. 

Among the low-ball sellers was an 1830 France 5 Franc love token, going for a bid of $25, or $31 with BP.

I managed to win a few lots, including a 1936 Delaware tercentenary silver commemorative with a bid of $180, or $216 with BP. The fields are exceptionally clean and I am hoping for an MS65 or 66. A 65 would retail at $335 and a 66 at $600.    

I also won an 1859 $1 gold coin with a bid of $325 ($390 with BP). Again, the fields look clean and I am hoping for a grade of MS63 worth about $850. 

I also won a 1919 Buffalo nickel and 1899 Morgan with bids of $55 and $110, respectively. They both look uncirculated, but I always am wary about raw coins because dipping and luster often appear the same in numismatic photos. Such is the risk of buying online.

Speaking of risk, we will follow up on these four coins and see if they slab and what price they will bring when I sell or consign them. If ever I keep my slabbed auction lots, they go directly to my bank box--recommended for any collector. I invest in PCGS TrueView to visit my coins online, knowing they are safe elsewhere.