Collectors have their say in choice for favorite world commemorative coin

The market for new world coin issues is surprisingly active with a diverse number of topics and themes issued by national and private mints all competing for market attention.

The rapid growth in the number of limited mintage issues has only enlarged the number of new issues coming out for collectors. Reporting on these new issues is one of the more active responsibilities I have.  

In this role for Coin World, I am exposed to thousands of new collector coins from around the globe every year. Since 2013, that fortuitous position has allowed me to be one of about 50 judges in the Coin Constellation contest, which honors technical innovation, artistry, concept and design, and other attributes, in the ultra-modern coin market.

While panelists select first, second and third place winners across nine categories, collectors are asked to select the top honor, the People’s Choice Award.

The 2014 contest features more than 260 coins and 25 commemorative coin series, issued during calendar year 2013, from 31 countries. Central banks, national mints and private issuers are all eligible for the contest but, for the first time, the 2014 contest includes entries from the Royal Australian Mint and the central bank of the Philippines.

The contest is decidedly tilted toward European and Asian entrants, though North America is represented by the Royal Canadian Mint and the Banco Central de Mexico.

Winners will be announced in September in Moscow during Coins 2014, the fifth international coin conference and exhibition, a biennial gathering of collectors and dealers in Russia. The 2014 conference is scheduled for Sept. 18 to 20.

All of the coins in all of the categories are eligible for the People’s Choice Award. The coin that receives the most votes will be declared the winner.

Voting opened June 1 and continues through Sept. 1. Voters are eligible for prizes, including precious metal coins or subscriptions to a Russian hobby magazine. The most prolific commenters during the voting process will also receive an award.

Coin Constellation is the only international contest of commemorative coins held in Russia, and is one of just a few similar programs around the world.

It’s a chance for your voice to be heard, and to reward coin producers for their ingenuity, technology and market receptivity.

To learn more about the conference itself, visit the exhibition website.